Work flow

  • create a new filter
  • bookmark the editor page for later edits
  • add names to your filter
  • copy/paste the filtered feed output link into your placefile manager in GR Level 3
  • snfilterweb pulls the spotter network gibson ridge full positions feed periodically (default 1 min)
  • your GR Level 3 installation pulls the filtered feed


  • Don't rely on this for life and death situations
  • This is a web interface built to make this easier to use.
  • It's built using python, pyramid, requests and redis.
  • Hopefully noone at spotter network will find this anoying, although they shouldn't because it should reduce load on their application.
  • The data belongs to spotter network. You must get permission from spotter network to use the data for commercial purposes.


  • 1913724pulled from spotter network
  • 3544served the original spotter network feed
  • 70filtered feeds created
  • 11754150filtered feed hits
  • 63unique ip hits

If you're ok with this, then go ahead and make a feed!

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